RAM-4 Tube Cleaner - Simple to operate

  • Stainless steel cover and corrosion resistant chassis long life
  • Interchangeability of different size flexible shafts and cleaning tools – versatile
  • Quick disconnect of flexible shaft – no tools required
  • Large wheels – easy maneuverability
  • Simultaneous water flush to remove deposits from tubes – saves time
  • Foot switch for operator convenience to activate shaft rotation and waterflow – reduced water consumption and cleaner working area

The RAM-4 Tube Cleaner is the fourth generation of the original rotary tube cleaner. This machine makes tough tube cleaning a simple, one- person operation. As a brush or other cleaning tool is rotated through a tube at the tip of a flexible shaft, water simultaneously flushes out loosened deposits, leaving the tube thoroughly cleaned. Flexible shafts and accessories are available for cleaning tubes/pipes 1/4"-1" (6.4-25.4mm) I.D. For: Chillers Condensers Evaporators Absorption Machines Heat Exchangers

  • More thorough cleaning

    As the rotating brush or other cleaning tool loosens all deposits, the waterflow continuously flushes the deposits out the far end of the tube.
  • Easy operation

    Cleaning in one easy operation makes the job more pleasant and, as a result, maintenance personnel will clean more often.
  • One operation

    Because the cleaning tools are inserted and removed from one end, there is no need to remove the far header – no need toretrieve non-rotating brushes which have been shot through the tubes.
  • Will not damages tubes

    The flexible shaft snakes through each tube, unaffected by any bends caused by sagging. All brushes and tools are designed not to cut into the tube wall or get stuck in the tube.
  • Compact

    Compact The RAM-4 is a compact, self-contained, roll-anywhere unit which permits operation in tight quarters since longrods are not required.
  • How it works

    The RAM-4 uses a cleaning tool mounted to the tip of a flexible shaft, which is available in different lengths and diameters to fit the size of the tube to be cleaned. As the shaft rotates inside its watertight nylon casing, the unit feeds water through the casing to the cleaning tool. A foot switch controls shaft rotation and waterflow. While the operator feeds the rotating shaft assembly through the tube, the waterflow flushes out deposits as they are loosened.
  • Portability

    Drive unit easily removed from dolly for carrying to confined areas.
  • Ground fault circuit interrupter

    All Ream-A-Matic Tube Cleaners are equipped with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter at the plug end of the cord for shock protection.
  • Cleaning internally enhanced tube

    The RAM-4 is equipped with a reversible motor for cleaning internally enhanced tubes. The optional two-direction foot switch (Part No. 834R) is used to permit clockwise rotation for entering the tubes and counter-clockwise rotation for exiting. The de sign of the brush and the spiral in the tube cause the brush to be propelled through the tube. Reversing action is not necess ary in smooth bore tubes.
  • The right tools for the job

    With the Ream-A-Matic, you select the type of flexible shaft and cleaning tool best suited for the type of deposit and the type of tube. Goodway Flexible Shafts are available in a variety of lengths and diameters, and feature the latest advances in flexi ble shaft technology. Use them with Goodway Blue Nylon Brushes and Brass Brushes for non-ferrous tubes, and Goodway Blue Nylon Brushes and Stainless Steel Brushes for ferrous tubes. Use Stainless Steel Wire Buffing Tools to safely remove scale and/or to put a smooth, shiny surface on the inside tube wall for maximum heat transfer.


  • Flexible Shaft Speed:
    862.5 rpm
  • Motor Power:
    1/2 HP (0.4 kW)
  • Input Power:
    Standard: 9 amps, 115 V,
    60 Hz AC (Optional: 9 amps,
    115 V, 50 Hz; 4.5 amps, 220 V,
    60 Hz; or 4.5 amps, 220 V,
    50 Hz)
  • Overall Dimensions and Weight:
    37" (940mm) high x 20"
    (510mm) wide x 17" (430mm)
    deep, 49 lbs (22 kg) net dry
  • Drive Unit Dimensions and Weight:
    16" (410mm) high x 16"
    (410mm) wide x 11" (280mm)
    deep, 39 lbs (18 kg) net dry