QS-300 Condenser Tube Cleaning Gun

  • Simple to operate - minimal training required
  • Power assisted trigger - reduces fatigue
  • Automatic pressure relief system - minimizes risk of blow-back
  • Rugged construction - long life
  • Compact - easy handling
  • Simple construction - reliable
  • High pressure - maximum cleaning power

The QS-300 is the the gun of choice for utilities. Equipped with state-of-the-art features, this unit holds the edge in tube shooting technology. When the touch-activated trigger is squeezed, air and water propel a Tube Scrubber or other cleaning tool through the tube 5¦8"-11¦4" (15.9-31.8mm) O.D., effortlessly removing deposits.

Molded in rugged polyurethane, the gun is very light yet incredibly durable. Anodized aluminum components help to assure years of dependable performance. An automatic pressure relief system minimizes risk of blow-back. Designed specifically for use with the Quick Shot system, Goodway Tube Scrubbers are the ultimate design in tube scrubbing devices. When shot with a QS-300 they provide the fastest method for cleaning condenser or heat exchanger tubes.

By far the best – the QS-300 and Goodway Tube Scrubbers will outshoot any other system! 



  • Air Requirements:
    Minimum 70 PSI (4.8 BAR), Maximum 150 PSI (10 BAR)
  • Water Pressure Requirements:
    Maximum 150 PSI (10 BAR)
  • Hoses:
     10' (3m) air hose and 10' (3m) water hose supplied
  • Dimensions:
    9" (230 mm) long Weight: 3 lbs (1.4 kg)
  • Carrying Case:
    141¦2" (370mm) high x 19" (480mm) wide x 51¦2" (140mm) deep